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Pony trekking

Pony trekking is the perfect way to discover the hidden Lesotho.

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The Basotho are renowned as a nation of horsemen. For generations, the sure-footed Basotho pony has been bred as the ideal form of transport in the rugged mountains. Today, the pony is still one of the most effective means of reaching more inaccessible mountain villages, and for the visitor this is probably the most popular way of getting to some of the most beautiful parts of Lesotho. Gentle and sure-footed, the ponies are ideal for people who have not sat on a horse for many years and even if they haven't at all.

Discovering Lesotho on the back of a pony is one of our great attractions for holidaymakers. Our pony-trekking centres have tours that take you wandering through the magnificent scenery of Lesotho, with plenty of stops to enjoy the views and relax with a picnic by a cooling waterfall. Treks on offer range from a one-hour tour simply for a taster, to a six-day trek with overnight stops in local villages, mountain lodges and campsites.

The Basotho pony is the result of cross breeding between European full mounts, and short Javanese horses. The first ponies were captured by the Basotho from the invading Griqua people in the early 1800's, and since then have become widespread throughout the country. They are extremely sure footed on narrow mountain paths, are sturdy and can travel long distances. Pony trekking is an excellent way to get deep into the mountains without doing the hard work!

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