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The Basotho 

In the Mountains: copyright - Michael Tyas
In the Mountains: copyright - Michael Tyas
Most of the inhabitants of Lesotho are Basotho and speak the national language Sesotho, although nearly all speak excellent English. Although many Basotho still live and work outside the country, their attachment to their local village and traditional culture is still strong. The family is still the dominant unit, and respect for the elder generation is important. Basotho culture is centred on village life, and most traditions and festivals relate to local village life and the seasons of the year.

Of all our people it is the Matabele who have preserved their traditions best, and their traditional dance Ndlamo is now a great way to celebrate throughout much of Lesotho, No traditional wedding is complete without this colourful dance.

Basotho people are predominately rural, and getting around mountainous areas has always been difficult. However, the Basotho pony is ideal for local transportation and so breeding and riding these surefooted ponies is very important. In the towns, as well as in the mountains, it will not be unusual to meet a Basotho horseman, clad in a kobo, his traditional cloak or blanket, who will raise his hand in the traditional greeting "Khotso" - meaning peace.

Basotho Horse Men da-imgp0354-malealea-pony-t.jpg

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